About the OHSBCA

Official OHSBCA Events and Information

Annual State Clinic: Held annually at the Hilton Columbus at Easton in Columbus

Board of Director’s Meetings: Held four times per year; one on the first morning of the state clinic, one immediately after the conclusion of the state clinic, one at the start of the Game One/Founder Sports Senior All-Star Series, and one in October

Newsletters: Each district will post their information on the OHSBCA website; members should contact their district rep to place information on this site


All Ohio Series Presented By Game One/Founders Sports All-Star Series: Held the weekend after the OHSAA State Tournament in June to honor 80 graduating seniors and 12 member coaches in a tournament format of games. The past Senior all Star Series have been played at VA Memorial Stadium, home of the Chillicothe Paints, and Bill Davis Stadium at The Ohio State University.

State Coaches Poll: Member teams are rated in each of the four divisions a total of 5 consecutive weeks during the spring season with the Final Poll Champions being recognized at the Annual State Clinic. There are a total of 32 voting coaches in each division.

All-State Coaches Poll Team: The coaches in each division of the State Coaches Poll vote on an All-State Team where all players of member coaches are eligible, not just seniors. Each division selects 15 First Team and 15 Second Team members along with a Player of the Year and a Coach of the Year. They are recognized by the Wire Services and are awarded certificates and plaques at the Annual State Clinic.

Hall of Fame: The induction ceremony is the highlight of the Annual State Clinic Banquet. Inductees are selected by the Board of Directors through submitted nominations and voted in.

Scholarships: All graduating high school senior children of OHSBCA members with five years of continuous membership are eligible to receive an amount chosen by the board and will be mailed to the winners.

Academic All-Ohio: This senior only award is submitted by member coaches annually where certificates are presented at the District Meeting of the State Clinic.

Service & Victory Awards: Service Awards for coaches begin with the 15th year of membership and are awarded certificates every five years thereafter. Victory Awards for member coaches begin at 100 wins and are awarded certificates for every 100 victories thereafter. These awards are presented at the District Meetings of the State Clinic.

OHSAA Meetings: The Consultant and other members of the OHSBCA Board of Directors regularly attend all meetings of the OHSAA Board of Control in Columbus each month as scheduled.



2024 Ohio High School Baseball Coaches Association Fact Sheet 

The purpose of the OHSBCA is to unify all baseball  coaches in the State of Ohio, to promote high school  baseball, to create an official line of communication with the Ohio High School Athletic Association  (OHSAA), to foster higher standards of professionalism and ethics, and to maintain a strong contact with the national, state and local coaches’ organizations of baseball. 

  • Membership: approximately 1,500 coaches annually. 
  • Dues: $40 per year due by March 15th (payable to Treasurer) 
  • Governing Body: Twenty-eight-member Board of Directors with thirteen serving on the executive  board. 

Official Organization Function/Events: 

  1. Annual Convention and Clinic: Held once per  year at the Hilton Columbus at Easton. 
  2. Board Meetings: Four times per year. Includes two meetings at the annual convention, a meeting at the Game One Senior All-Star Series and a meeting in October. 
  3. OHSBCA Website: www.ohsbca.org Twitter: (@ OHSBCAwebmaster) 
  4. Game One Senior All-Star Series: Held after the state tournament in June. The series honors eighty (80) graduated seniors and twelve member coaches. The event takes place at Bill Davis Stadium on the campus of the Ohio State  University in Columbus, Ohio. 
  5. Game One Junior Underclass Showcase presented by PRR: Run by the OHSBCA and Prep Baseball Report Ohio. 80 of the top underclass players are  invited to showcase their skills in front of college coaches. This showcase is held in association with the  Senior All-Star Series. 
  6. State Coaches Poll: Teams are rated in each of the  four divisions five times each spring. Poll champions are recognized at the annual convention. There  are thirty-two (32) voting coaches in each division.  Registration and membership forms to vote can be found on the website. 

  1. All-State Coaches Poll Team: The poll coaches in each division select an all-state team. All grade levels of players are eligible. Each division selects a Player-of-the-Year and a Coach-of-the-Year. They are recognized by the wire services and awarded a plaque at the annual convention.


  1. Player-of-the-Year Award: This award will be

presented at the annual convention by OC

Sports.  Each of the four division

Player-of-the-Year recipients will be recognized

and one Player-of-the-Year will receive a plaque. 

  1. Field of the Year Award: This award will be     presented at the annual convention by Marco-Clay. 
  2. Field of Need Award: This award will be presented  at the annual convention by Pro’s Choice. 
  3. Hall of Fame: The HOF induction is the highlight of the Rawlings Hall of Fame banquet at the annual convention. The Board of Directors select inductees. Nomination forms can be found on the website. 
  4. Hank Miller Scholarships: All graduating

senior students of member coaches with five

years of continuing membership are eligible.

Form found on the website. 

  1. Academic All-Ohio: Selected annually and awarded certificates. Certificates are handed out at the  state convention. Forms can be found on the website. 
  2. Service and Victory Awards: Service awards for  coaches begin with the fifteenth year of membership and are awarded every five years thereafter.  Victory awards begin at 100 and are awarded for every 100 victories thereafter. Certificates and plaques are awarded at the state convention. 
  3. Assistant Coach of the Year Award:

Coaches from each district are recognized as

assistant coaches of the year at our annual

convention. This award is sponsored by Phoenix


  1. Past Presidents – Hall of Fame: All former OHSBCA Presidents and Hall of Fame members are invited back for the Hall of Fame Banquet on Friday afternoon. A reception to follow immediately after the banquet. 


  1. Sponsorships: The OHSBCA is sponsored by  many corporations and also help sponsor our  scholarship recipients: Rawlings (official baseball and Hall of Fame Banquet Sponsor), OC Sports (official headwear and Player of the Year sponsor),  Game One (official supplier Sr All-Star and Underclass showcase), PBR  (Underclass Showcase/Hot Stove sponsor), Marco-Clay (official mound clay and dirt, Field of the  Year Sponsor), Astro Turf (official turf supplier),  Pro’s Choice (field of need sponsor), Fundraising  University (Official Fundraising Company),Phoenix Bats (Assistant Coach of the Year ) and Ohio Brett (Thursday Clinic Smoker Sponsor).