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2022 All-Ohio Poll Team Nominations

2022 All-Ohio Poll Team Nominations


This week is your chance to nominate your deserving players for the 2022 All-Ohio Poll Team. If you are nominating players we ask that you add their statistics into the Google Sheets that was sent as an email blast for your division below and email the Poll Voters in your division with any comments, accolades, etc.

The deadline to submit your players stats into the spreadsheet is Friday, May 27th at 12:00pm. After that time the sheets will be set to View Only, as voters can vote as early as Friday, May 27th at 12:00pm and must submit their final ballot by Sunday, May 29th at midnight.

All-Ohio Poll Guidelines:

  • Head Coaches submitting nominees must be OHSBCA Members
  • Nominees cannot be nominated for two positions (example: P/SS). Choose their best position or nominate them as a Utility Player. A Utility Player can be a player who plays multiple positions in the field and/or a two-way player (example: P/SS).

Once the votes have been tabulated they will be sent to District Reps for proofreading. The official release will be sent via email blast and posted on the website prior to the start of the State Tournament.

John Bakalar
State Poll Director

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