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Northeast Ohio District Meeting

May 22nd 9:00am Berkshire HS

The NEOBCA will hold their District meeting on Sunday, May 22nd 9:00am at Berkshire High School. Those wishing to still join the NEOBCA late can bring $50 for their 2022 membership dues with checks made payable to NEOBCA. NEOBCA membership includes:

  • All-District Nominations
  • Players of the Year Nomination
  • Coach of the Year Nomination
  • Assistant Coach of the Year Nomination
  • Field of the Year Nomination
  • Coaches Hall of Fame Nomination
  • Senior Scholarship Available to graduating son/daughter of Coaching Staff
  • Senior All-Star Game at Canal Park in June 15th

Nomination forms are available on the NEOBCA Website.

Those coaches who are also OHSBCA members can nominate and vote on nominees for the OHSBCA All-Ohio Senior All-Star Game that will take place June 21-22 at Ohio State University.

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