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Clarification on 10-Day Summer Rule

Good afternoon,


I know there have been questions regarding the elimination of the 10-day coaching rule, based on a memo sent to football coaches that indicated “June and July will have unlimited days of coaching”. When many Sport Regulations were changing last year due to COVID-19, we also eliminated the 10-day coaching restriction. As a reminder, school coaches have been limited to 10 coaching days if they are working with more than 50% of their players from June 1 – July 31. So, for the sport of baseball, anytime a school coach was working with more than 4 of their players at one time during the months of June and July, they had to count that as 1 of their 10 coaching days for the summer.


This rule was eliminated last year, allowing for school coaches (in all team sports) to work with any amount of their student-athletes during the months of June and July. Since that time, there have been some questions if this was only eliminated for 2020—sport administrators have agreed that it was intended to be eliminated for all future summers. Last week sports administrators discussed sharing this information with member schools and coaches, but we were asked to wait until this was officially confirmed from our leadership team. So, that is a round about way of saying it is intended to be eliminated, but waiting on approval or denial.


I want to clarify that if it is in fact eliminated for all future years, this would apply to all sports and not just football. I apologize if the football memo caused any confusion or disruption, as we were asked to not address this until a decision was made. As soon as a decision has been made, that will be shared with member schools.


Thank you all for your understanding! Please make sure to review the pre-season issue of This Week in Baseball if you did not get a chance to, which is posted on the baseball webpage HERE.





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